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Roto-Rooter Sewer-Drain is proud of the relationships we maintain with our customers. Whether industrial, commercial, municipal or residential, every project receives our undivided attention and commitment to efficiency, effectiveness, service and quality. Below, we share our customer’s detailed experiences and customer reviews:


Industrial, Commercial and Municipal 

“We had used Roto-Rooter Sewer-Drain for general plumbing and pump maintenance for years, and were very satisfied with their service. About a year ago, the alarm system in our pumps went off. They were twenty years old, and we were accustomed to fixing all the issues related to age. With the first alarm, we continued that practice. The second time, it happened on a weekend, and fortunately, a non-profit group using our offices for a meeting heard it and contacted me. That second time both the main pump and the hand pump failed. We were in an emergency situation and had to schedule replacement. “I called Rotor-Rooter to ask if they did pump replacement, and got their quote. By Monday they were on site and pumped it down. A day and a half later they had replaced two pumps in our duplex lift station and replaced its interior components. Now everything is working very well. All I can say is they are reliable, very professional and do fantastic work. They are very customer service-oriented. And they have always been very responsive; it was almost always same-day service. I would recommend Roto-Rooter enthusiastically to any business needing sewer or pumping services.” Dave H.

Controller and Corporate Secretary, Keystone Building Products, Selinsgrove PA

“We have a million square foot distribution center and we’ve been using Eric Sorg’s group for all of our sewer and drain preventive maintenance and clean-outs for five years. For routine scheduling and emergencies, I make one call and I get immediate service and project completion within one day. “As an example, we had an outside sewer line backing up into our parking area. I called them and they came right out. We pulled out drawings and they worked within our safety permit system and diagnosed the problem. They found a filter underground that we didn’t know was there, and they fixed the problem the same day. “They also have comprehensive services. Once, we had a blocked line in our sewer pit that was backing up. We thought it was a pump failure and called them. As it turned out, the pumps were working but a line was blocked, and we needed a backhoe. I didn’t even know they did excavation, but they do, and had a backhoe on site in an hour, and the job done in a day.” “I can get them any time with one phone call, which I think is unique for a company of their size and capability. And I can count on personal attention and expertise from the company owner whenever I need it, as well as from the Roto-Rooter team of professionals. I would recommend Eric Sorg and his team to any new client.”

Ron M.

Facilities Manager, Weis Markets Distribution Center, Milton PA

“Our biggest challenge is in maintaining the hydronic lines underground. There steam is converted to hot water, which in turn provides heating for the high school and middle school. The most recent work we have done with Eric Sorg involved a lining job. The hydronic line that runs from the high school to the middle school failed, which caused us to lose our heat in the middle school. We called Roto-Rooter, and they diagnosed the first problem immediately. Concrete abutments had been undermined and caused the break in the pipe. They resolved that problem with an epoxy liner. But when we brought the system back up we were still losing water. In short, within 60-75 feet, the found two more breaks. They had to special-order the epoxy to line these pipes because they are water pipes, but they got the material the next day, when they fixed our problem. The system has worked wonderfully ever since. “At Salem Elementary School, we had an old 5” sewer line built in the 1950s that had so many bends in it, it kept blocking up. They recommended rerouting the line, and when they finished the job, our problems were resolved. “At Horn Elementary School, the original builders ran the downspouts on the roof inside the building at the corners into the basement and out to the main. One of them constantly flooded the basement. No one was ever able to figure out the problem. We dealt with it for years and years. We brought Roto-Rooter in and they used a video camera to look inside the pipe. They found the break, repaired it, and we never had another problem with it. “We have relied on Roto-Rooter for 6-7 years now. They do all of our routine sewer and drain work and they have reliably and quickly diagnosed and resolved our emergencies. They really can do anything, and they are very prompt. They don’t waste any time getting the job done, and the entire crew is a pleasure to work with. They have all of the equipment, experience and expertise that I can think of to get any job done. Whenever anyone asks my opinion about a company with comprehensive sewer and drain services, I recommend Eric Sorg. And I’ve done that often.”

Paul U.

Master Plumber, Berwick Area School District, Berwick PA

“We are the Pine Grove Joint Treatment Authority, a municipal sewer authority for the town of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Our service area includes the Borough of Pine Grove, a portion of Pine Grove Township and a portion of Washington Township. Roto-Rooter is one of two companies we use to provide sewer lateral inspection services using closed-circuit television camera technology. For example, when a house is being sold, or there’s a title transfer to a different owner, a sewer lateral inspection is required to be sure the sewer line is in good condition and there is no sign of broken pipes or I & I. This inspection is to verify the integrity of wastewater inflow and infiltration. “Roto-Rooter also has a Super-Vac truck, capable of jetting out our tanks. This is a project we perform on a yearly basis, through competitive contract proposals.   When we learned about their jet-vac service, we contacted Eric for pricing. Roto-Rooter currently has that contract. The Vac-Truck not only cleans lines and tanks but can also pull out roots and other incursions in pipelines in a way that is quite useful to water and wastewater professionals. “As a public entity, it’s our responsibility to keep sewer rates down, and so I am vigilant about managing our budget responsibly. Roto-Rooter offers very competitive pricing. Eric has always worked with me to achieve my budget and project goals. I like that. His people are all very polite, knowledgeable and professional; he hires very capable people with great attitudes. They are also very attentive and reliable. If they say they’ll be there at 6am, they’ll be there at 6am. “I would say Eric’s major strength is the quality of his service and his reasonable pricing. You can’t beat that. Some companies will overstate their qualifications and equipment when seeking a contract, knowing that further along they will have to add services and equipment to complete the job, and in the end cost considerably more. I look for good service, price and honesty. I feel that with Eric and his crew. I would recommend Roto-Rooter to others.”

Nick S.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor, Pine Grove Joint Sewer Authority, Pine Grove PA

“We have a comprehensive real estate firm operating from five offices in Central Pennsylvania, including commercial and residential sales and property management. We’ve been in business in the Susquehanna Valley for 40 years. “Eric Sorg is a very good friend of mine, and he became a good friend because of his business and real estate. Most recently at the Bloomsburg office, we had an emergency problem with our water line out to the street. I called Eric. He came immediately, got someone on it and they worked over weekend to get it completed. The pipe was old and completely corroded through. Normally they would reline the pipe with a sleeve and pull it through, with no need to excavate. But the pipe was so old they couldn’t do that. It just crumbled. They did a great job replacing the pipe and even restored our sidewalk and re-landscaped the area around the sidewalk where they had dug! “We chose Eric because he’s able to take care of that kind of problem and he’s reliable and, I think, better than anybody else. He has very good people working for him and should really be proud of his organization. He’s also just a very good businessman; when I call him he calls me back immediately. As for strengths, he can always be trusted to respond quickly and provide complete services with meticulous attention to detail – right down to the sidewalks and landscaping. I would absolutely recommend him to others.” 

Nancy H.

Associate Broker, Villager Realty, Bloomsburg PA

“Mrs. T’s is a family-owned company; we have been making Mrs. T’s Pierogies since 1952. We sell in every state and internationally and we have an 83% market share. All of that happens right here. So we have a demanding production schedule. We had used Eric Sorg’s Roto-Rooter services for years, mostly for maintaining our drainage systems and for routine work until last year when we developed a bigger problem that needed diagnosis. Roto-Rooter used video equipment to look inside two of our pipelines, and the film showed collapses in both. One collapse was under the three tubs where we cook pierogies and the other under two freezers. There was no way we could dig up those lines. It wasn’t until then that I learned from Eric’s team that they could reline pipes without the need to dig trenches. “I had never met Eric Sorg until he came personally to assess our problem. He reevaluated the videos and sat down with us to review what could be done. We chose to reline the pipes. They ended up digging to access each pipe and then literally relined each of them without any excavation or trenching. What you’re doing in that process is making another pipe within a pipe with a liner. They even repaired another break they discovered during the major repairs. That one wasn’t even planned, but they took care of it while they were here. They spent three days on each major pipe collapse and fixed the lines and everything else that needed work. Our pipelines are now working great. “I wouldn’t use anybody else. I have no reason to. I definitely would recommend them to others for their knowledge, service, fair pricing and responsiveness.”

Frank K.

Sanitation Manager and Food Defense Coordinator , Mrs. T’s Pierogies, Shenandoah PA

Residential Services

We returned home from vacation to discover that our lateral was backed up when we were running our washer. This was a bit of an emergency because we could not run any water in our house. Roto-Rooter We had Roto-Rooter pipe relining. Roto-Rooter is one of few companies in the region offering this service. In comparison to traditional trench dug replacement, CIPP saved us a lot of cost, reduced the time that we were not able to use our house and the length of time the contractors were working, and drastically reduced the amount of disturbance to our landscaping and property. “We live on a city lot in a 150 year old house that neighbors another very old house. The space between our house and our neighbors where the lateral ran is roughly 8 feet wide which would not allow bulldozer access, so the area would have to be mostly dug by hand. “All of the above aside, we live on a main street which is also a state route. The main city sewer line is on the opposite side of the street. The lateral in question needing repair or replacement ran approximately 15-20 feet out into the road. Since the road is a state route, any closure would need to be done through PENNDOT. The permits and cost for this total anywhere from $7,000-$10,000 a day, which does not include the actual work to dig up the road. CIPP allowed us to only dig up a small section of our sidewalk without disturbing the traffic and going through the headache of digging up the road. “Sorg solved our problem, stuck to the quoted price and did a good job all around. We are happy with the work they performed and should we ever need this type of service again we would be a repeat customer.”

Residential Customer

Watsontown PA – CIPP Trenchless Relining

“Our sewer backed up, so Roto-Rooter dug to the lid of the sewer tank and pumped it out. The top was deteriorating so they also built a new lid and raised it up so that they can now work on it from the surface is we have any other problems. They did an excellent job for us. We got along with them fine.”

Residential Customer

Catawissa PA – Sewer and Lift Station Repair