Sewer and Drain Repair

The Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain professional team offers industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential customers a range of sewer and septic services and technologies that are unduplicated in our market region. We offer sewer and drain repair services including: sewer and drain cleaning, sewer/ waterline repair, excavation, pump and lift station repair, grease trap cleaning and septic repair. In addition, we are one of the leading septic and drain service companies experienced in providing Trenchless Pipe Relining/ Cured In Place Pipe Relining  in the the central pennsylvania area.   Due to our full range of sewer and septic services and equipment as well as our expertise,the team is equipped and ready to address most every sewer or septic issue immediately. The team is accessible 24/7 and whether emergency or routine, most always respond to your site to provide an evaluation on the same day. Our service professionals are available  to handle any septic tank system maintenance situation, as well as, all sewer and drain repair issues.

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Available 24 hours 7 days a week Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain is ready to address all of your urgent septic system repair needs.

Our team of qualified technicians have the equipment and skills  fix any situation.

For emergency sewer repair service or routine maintenance needs we are one call away.

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Sewer Pipe Inspection

confined space sewer repairSmoke Testing – Roto-Rooter professionals also offer smoke testing, which is used to diagnose problems in sewer infrastructure and involves blowing non-toxic smoke and air into the system, monitoring the system for leaks and identification of any breaches or leaks that might be causing problems.

Confined Space Entry – Roto-Rooter  professionals also specialize in entry to confined spaces, combining skill and knowledge to address problems in areas that are difficult to access, in a manner fully compliant with OSHA’s stringent safety regulations.

Video Inspection and Sewer Televising – To expedite diagnosis of sewer, septic and pipeline problems, Roto-Rooter offers customers digital Crawler and Push Camera technology, to visually capture real-time video of inaccessible infrastructure, and enable the team to confirm the problem and select the right fix and remediation.

No one was ever able to figure out the problem. We dealt with it for years and years. We brought Roto-Rooter in and they used a video camera to look inside the pipe. They found the break, repaired it, and we never had another problem with it.

Paul U.

Master Plumber, Berwick Area School District, Berwick PA

Septic Tank and System Repair

excavationSewer and Drain Cleaning– Clogged pipe, clogged drain- no matter what the issue Roto-Rooter is prepared and equipped to fix the problem and get your system running smoothly. With our high-pressure water jetting service and other services our team can resolve drain and sewer clogging issues quickly and successfully.

Excavation – Sewer and Water Line Repair– Among the range of equipment and technologies Roto-Rooter has ready to hand,  are several high-technology and efficient  excavation trucks. We  maintain a fleet of excavating equipment and a team of experienced, meticulous operators available immediately on call.

Pump and Lift Station Repair– Roto-Rooter offers scheduled maintenance programs and urgent service to keep industrial/ municipal waste water treatment facility pumps and lift-stations in reliable operating condition. In the event an issue does occur our highly-qualified experts are available 24/7 to address any situation. Our service team  is equipped to provide timely pump replacement services should that be necessary.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Repair – To assure optimal function, Roto-Rooter offers comprehensive grease tank and infrastructure cleaning services and maintenance. If an emergency situation does arise our team is ready to fix the problem. Especially in a commercial setting we are fully aware that damage to plumbing and drain system can interfere with business. Therefore, our team is accessible 24/7 and will address sewer and drain issues often within in the same day. Our work is prompt and reliable so that you can get back to business.

Septic Tank Pumping and Repair – In addition to routine septic system pumping, Roto-Rooter also offers septic system and sewer drain repair to quickly address and correct broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipe, blockages, corrosion or deterioration, leaking or broken seals, or damage caused by roots or vegetation.

Normally they would reline the pipe with a sleeve and pull it through, with no need to excavate. But the pipe was so old they couldn’t do that. It just crumbled. They did a great job replacing the pipe and even restored our sidewalk and re-landscaped the area around the sidewalk where they had dug!

Nancy H.

Nancy H. Associate Broker, Villager Realty, Bloomsburg PA

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless Technology– Where excavation is not an option, Roto-Rooter offers Trenchless CIPP Relining, an advanced technology that repairs aging or damaged pipelines without the expense or disruption of excavation. Roto-Rooter is among the only sewer and septic tank companies in the Central Pennsylvania offering CIPP for main line point repairs, as well as, large and small diameter pipe repair and relining. Aged pipes can suffer from root incursions, corrosion, breaks or other pipeline damage that will require re-piping. Re-piping projects can be a hassle including: excavation , disruption of daily activities, the wait for a permanent fix, and the time and expense associated with replacing landscaping, walls, floors etc.

Avoid the frustration of excavation- contact our high-qualified team at Roto-Rooter. We offer a far less disruptive and costly alternative – trenchless technology. The process we use is also called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining. It is a faster, more efficient solution for replacing pipe without any need to dig.

We have executed trenchless technology CIPP service for many of our clients; visit our customer reviews to see what they have to say.

CIPP saved us a lot of cost, reduced the time that we were not able to use our house and the length of time the contractors were working, and drastically reduced the amount of disturbance to our landscaping and property.

Residental Customer

CIPP Trenchless Relining , Watsontown, PA



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Septic System

Septic Tank Repairs

Broken pipe? Our team is experienced and capable of handling all industrial, municipal, commercial and residential sewer system repair situations.

Lift Station

Pump Repair

Malfunctioning lift station pump? Our Roto-Rooter team of professionals has the tools to fix any lift station pump or any other issues quickly and skillfully.

Trenchless Pipe Technology

CIPP Relining

Need a no mess septic repair solution? When excavation is not an option our service professionals are equipped to use cutting edge Cure In  Place Pipe Relining technology.


Urgent Septic Service

Need service ASAP?  The team is accessible 24 hours 7 days and most always respond to your site to provide an evaluation on the same day for sewer and drain repair.